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No Hydro's Damp Proof Cream is an exceptionally powerful, ready-to-use silane/siloxane damp proof injection cream that has been designed to create a reliable barrier against rising damp in already existing buildings. By injecting the cream into mortar courses between brick courses with 12mm holes, No Hydro’s high strength rising damp solution can be applied extremely easily and quickly without needing any technical knowledge or experience! Injecting this product will protect your walls from damaging moisture for years to come.

No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream

Long-Lasting Protection
Double Protection

No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream

Control the effects of rising damp with No Hydro’s superior injection cream created exclusively to provide long-lasting protection against rising damp.

No Hydro Damp Proof Cream is an ultra-potent damp proofing cream, formulated with a rich concentration of active ingredients and silane/siloxane compounds. This ready-to-use injection cream creates a powerful barrier against rising damp in existing buildings by being injected into the mortar course between brick courses through 12mm holes drilled on affected walls. Not only is No Hydro’s high strength damp proofing cream easy to apply, requiring no extensive expertise or experience; you can rely on it as your go-to tool for reliable protection!

An Effective Solution for Against Rising Damp

After extensive research and development into damp proofing injection techniques, the revolutionary No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream (DPC) was created with both DIYers and professional contractors in mind.

No Hydro’s high-performance damp proofing injection cream is the ideal solution to protect against rising damp, with remarkable results. You can trust that you’ll have superior protection anytime and anywhere when using this product!

When injected, all the components are activated and absorbed through the cement motor line’s pores. With its distinct structure, it sets up to create a physical damp proof course, shielding the walls from rising dampness.

No Hydro DPC Cream can be easily added to pre-drilled holes spaced four inches apart along the entire mortar line.

Take Control Of Rising Damp With A Damp Proof Course

The most efficient and cost effective way to eliminate rising damp is with a damp-proofing injection cream. This specially formulated product can easily be injected or hand pumped into precisely placed holes in the mortar course, using either a mastic gun for 380 ml cartridges or a pump for 5 liters of No Hydro Damp Proof Course Injection Cream – making the application process smooth and simple!

Rising Damp

Load-bearing walls that lack a damp proof course may experience rising damp, an issue in which groundwater is drawn up the brick and mortar of the wall through tiny pores via capillary action. This wick effect can lead to costly damage if not addressed quickly.

The rising groundwater contains nitrate and chloride salts, which are responsible for the contaminated plaster.

These mineral salts are hygroscopic, meaning they retain and draw moisture into walls; thus saturating them with dampness. This eventually leads to a deterioration of the plasterwork and skirting boards as these come in contact with wet surfaces.

Replastering After DPC Injection

When dealing with any kind of remedial damp-proofing system, it is essential to remove and replace salt-contaminated plaster. For the replastering process, No Hydro Salt Inhibitor offers an optimal solution – a high quality plaster additive for sand-cement renders after a successful damp proof installation.

Every homeowner deserves the most reliable solution for treating rising damp in their homes. No Hydro Damp Proof Course is an ideal choice as it forms a barrier against ground salts, stopping moisture from rising up walls and causing damage. No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream has been specially formulated to suitably address any type of wall affected by rising damp – since no two walls are alike.

ApplYING Damp Proofing Cream

Installing Damp-Proofing Cream is a straightforward, effortless process that calls for minimal steps. To begin the activity, you must first drill holes into your walls and then inject the cream in each hole. Here are all of the necessary tips to ensure successful installation:

Identify the affected area: The first step for remedying rising damp is to identify the affected area. To do this, inspect both interior and exterior walls of your building for indications of moisture like tide lines or salt deposits.

Prepare the area: Prior to using the Damp-Proofing Cream, it’s essential to clean the walls by eliminating any dust or debris that may be present. This will guarantee more successful injection of the cream in order for you to obtain maximum benefits from its usage.

Drill holes: To complete the next step, create evenly spaced holes in the mortar bed of the wall. The size and distance between each hole will vary depending on factors such as thickness/type of wall being treated and degree of rising dampness. Generally speaking, these holes are drilled horizontally with a spacing range from 100-120mm apart.

Insert the applicator: After the holes have been properly drilled, it’s time to insert the applicator into each one. This allows you to efficiently inject your cream directly into the wall with its included nozzle.

Inject the cream: The nozzle is then used to inject the cream into each hole, which is done with intense pressure so that it can penetrate and diffuse throughout the wall. This creates a water-resistant barrier, thus preventing any moisture from seeping through the structure of your walls.

Cap the drill holes: Once the cream has been injected into the wall, the holes are filled with a suitable mortar to match the existing wall finish or terracotta DPC plugs.

Why choose No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream

Proven excellence

With an exemplary and trusted track record, No Hydro Damp-Proofing Cream has been successfully used in multiple properties across the globe. Not only that, but it’s also earned approvals from industry professionals after passing rigorous tests, offering owners and contractors assurance of its efficacy. Our damp proofing cream is the go-to choice of building owners looking for a trustworthy and budget-friendly solution to rising damp, thanks to its quick and uncomplicated installation process that ensures enduring outcomes. Featuring low risk and a water-resistant seal, this cream is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings. Its protective barrier safeguards the building from moisture damage over time, offering long-term security against potential issues.

Deeply Penetrating
Superior Breathability
Penetrating Damp Protection
Masonry Protection

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