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Masonry Protection Cream FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Where Can I Buy Masonry Protection Cream?

No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream is available to purchase online at No Hydro, Toner Dampproofing Supplies & Amazon.
Alternatively, you can get in though with us though our contact us page for other stockist enquires, sales & technical advice.

Can Masonry Protection Cream Be Applied To Damp Walls?

Masonry Protection Cream should be applied to only dry walls. A guide for this is to leave at least 24 hours before application and 24 hours after application. (Longer during cold periods)

Does Masonry Protection Cream Allow The Masonry To Breath?

No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream waterproofs the masonry by lining the pores rather than blocking them. This means the water is still able to evaporate though the wall in the form of vapour.

Can Masonry Protection Cream Reduce Mould & Algae Growth?

Yes, masonry protection cream will reduce mould & algae build up however it is recommend that you use a multi surface biocide.

Does Masonry Protection Cream Change The Substrate Appearance?

No, our masonry protection cream has been formulated to be a colourless water repellent for porous masonry surfaces, the cream will waterproof the substrate whist retaining the natural appearance.

Is Masonry Protection Cream Suitable For DIY?

Yes, the cream is simply applied to the masonry substrate by brush, roller or airless spray.

Can I Waterproof Stone With Masonry Protection Cream?

Yes, masonry protection cream waterproofs most types of stone used for construction with the exception of limestone.


Amazing product for damp proofing, will use again.



Used on a stone building and it has been very effective. Highly recommend



Masonry protection cream and dpc cream worked perfect on a chimney for penetrating damp