Damp Proofing Cream Datasheet

No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream Datasheet

Product Description

No Hydro Damp-Proofing Cream is for remedial rising damp treatments. It is a cream that is injected into holes drilled along a mortar bed using a special applicator gun. Once installed, the double-strength formulation spreads along the mortar bed before curing to form a damp-proof course.

Product Benefits

• Easy to install – no costly and complicated electric pumps required
• Usable in a wide variety of walls including brick, stone and rubble construction

Damp Proofing Cream Properties

AppearanceThick, white cream
Coverage per 10 m of wall115 mm thick wall = 1 litre
Coverage per 10 m of wall230 mm thick wall = 2 litre
Coverage per 10 m of wall345 mm thick wall = 3 litre
Coverage per 10 m of wall450 mm thick wall = 4 litre
Service Life20 – 30 years
StorageStore flat and in cool, dry, well ventilated place. Keep container closed.
Shelf Life12 months in unopened pack

Application Information


Set your SDS drill to rotary hammer and select a 12 mm drill bit in excess of the required drill depth. Depending on the thickness of the wall, mark the drill bit the following distances from the tip:
4 1/2″ (115 mm) Wall Thickness = 95 mm Depth of Drill Hole
9″ (230 mm) Wall Thickness = 210 mm Depth of Drill Hole
13 1/2″ (345 mm) Wall Thickness = 325 mm Depth of Drill Hole
18″ (460 mm) Wall Thickness = 440 mm Depth of Drill Hole

(Product Name) Application

When treating from outside a row of holes should be drilled into the mortar course 120 mm apart and approximately 150 mm above the ground. When treating from the inside the holes should be drilled into the lowest accessible mortar course. Drill the holes the necessary depth ensuring you reduce your drilling pressure once you reach 40 mm short of the full hole depth. Reducing pressure ensures a cleaner hole and prevents damage to the far side of the wall.
Insert the product into the applicator gun, ensuring the pressure piston is fully extended.
Fully insert the nozzle into the first drilled hole, and then inject No Hydro Damp-Proofing Cream while withdrawing the nozzle at a steady rate. Stop injecting just before removing the nozzle from the wall. Repeat for remaining holes.


Amazing product for damp proofing, will use again.



Used on a stone building and it has been very effective. Highly recommend



Masonry protection cream and dpc cream worked perfect on a chimney for penetrating damp