Double STRENGTH Damp Proofing Cream

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No Hydro's Damp Proof Cream provides an effective, ready-to-use silane/siloxane damp proof solution for already existing buildings. With minimal effort or expertise required, 12mm holes can be created between brick courses to inject the cream and create a reliable barrier against rising damp. The injection process is easy and fast; plus it will safeguard your walls from rising damp for years to come.

Effective Treatment
25 Year Protection
& Easy
Environmentally Friendly

Why Effective Damp-Proofing Treatment Is Important

Homeowners desire the highest-quality product available to treat rising damp in their properties – one that minimizes moisture and blocks salt accumulation while preserving heat. Thus, Damp-Proofing Cream has been developed with these goals in mind; it forms an effective DPC in walls of all types and has gone through more conditions than any other solution on the market. Rely on this extraordinary cream for superior protection against rising damp!

The importance of understanding the individual properties of walls affected by rising damp can’t be understated. The combination of building materials and mortar used in construction can significantly influence any treatment for rising damp, making it essential to tailor treatments appropriately. To ensure Damp Proofing Cream is effective on a global scale, independent laboratories around the world have conducted various tests as part of their analysis; such tests include:
Walls with a saturation of up to 95%
Lime-based mortar
Low porosity mortar
High porosity mortar
Cement-based mortar
High alkalinity mortar
Low alkalinity mortar

Damp proofing cream is a product used to prevent rising damp in buildings. It is a silicone-based cream that is injected into holes drilled into the mortar bed of the building’s walls.

Rising Damp Protection
25 Year

This silicone-based cream is injected into holes in the mortar bed of a building’s walls so that its powerful water repellent barrier will form around the masonry. As a result, moisture won’t be able to rise through your walls or cause further destruction.

Damp Proofing
Residential Use
Commercial Use

Why Damp Proofing Cream Is Required

To prevent the damaging effects of rising damp, a key process in construction and maintenance is necessary – damp proofing. Rising damp often occurs when moisture rises up through walls due to capillary action from groundwater beneath them. Damp proofing solutions are therefore essential for avoiding costly damages in buildings over time.

Groundwater that seeps through walls can carry a variety of salts, leading to permanent damage and discoloration on plaster. Not only is this unsightly, it also contributes to other issues such as peeling paint, ruined wallpaper, decaying timber structures and significant water stains. Rising damp provides the ideal environment for mould and bacteria growth which has been proven to be detrimental to human health – exacerbating allergies or even causing respiratory illnesses in some cases..

In current-day constructions, it is standard to include a damp-proof course in the walls. This layer of material prevents moisture from rising and harming the structure’s integrity or finishes. However, some more aged properties may be missing this feature or have a malfunctioning DPC–meaning there needs to be repairs done if you wish to avoid further damage.

Say goodbye to tedious, costly treatments for rising damp! Now with No Hydro Damp-Proofing Cream, you can efficiently and effortlessly tackle the issue. This silicone-based cream is injected into holes in the mortar bed of a building’s walls so that its powerful water repellent barrier will form around the masonry. As a result, moisture won’t be able to rise through your walls or cause further destruction. Its easy-to-apply, long lasting and ecofriendly nature make it a top choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Damp proofing is an essential element when defending against rising damp, which can cause a variety of issues and health dangers. Traditional treatment options for rising damp may be expensive and time-consuming; however, Damp-Proofing Cream offers a fast, clean solution that is both popular amongst residential and commercial buildings as it provides a reliable repair remedy.

Over 25 years of Rising Damp PROTECTION

Rising damp can be a severe problem in buildings, as it is caused by ground moisture traveling through the walls due to capillary action. This moisture contains salts that damage porous building materials like plasterwork and timber of the wall, potentially leading to wet rot in these areas. It’s essential to take preventative measures against rising damp before it affects your home or business premises.

If you notice any paintings, wallpapers or plaster on the inside of your building beginning to show signs of damage and deterioration, it could be an indication that rising damp is present. This appears in the form of a visible tide mark which signals where ground moisture has reached its peak. Additionally, blooming salts may arrive on interior surfaces leading to paint and even plastering separation. On the outside walls mortar can begin crumbling away leaving behind white salt spots as evidence.

If left unaddressed, rising damp can inflict substantial harm to a building’s architecture and aesthetics. Therefore, it is essential that you diagnose and address the problem as quickly as possible to avoid further destruction.

No Hydro Damp Proof Cream DPC ​is a high-strength damp proofing cream, with high active ingredients, ready-to-use silane/siloxane damp proof injection cream that has been designed to create an effective barrier against rising damp in existing buildings.

25 Years
100% Barrier
Water Resistant

No Hydro high strength damp proofing cream is injected into the mortar course between the brick course via 12mm holes created to treat affected walls. No Hydro Damp Proof Injection is extremely easy to apply and does not require much technical knowledge or experience.

Easy To Apply
Quick Drying
Extreme Weather

Installing A Damp Proof Course

Taking the necessary steps to install Damp-Proofing Cream is an uncomplicated process, requiring only a few simple actions. To initiate this easy task, drill holes into your wall before injecting the cream in each one of them. Here are all of the techniques you need for installing Damp-Proofing Cream:

Identify the affected area: The first step is to identify the area that is affected by rising damp. This may involve inspecting the internal and external walls of the building for signs of dampness, such as tide marks or salt deposits.

Prepare the area: Before installing the Damp-Proofing Cream, it is essential to prepare the area by removing any debris, dust, or loose material from the walls. This will ensure that the cream can be injected into the wall effectively.

Drill holes: The next step is to drill holes into the mortar bed of the wall at regular intervals. The size and spacing of the holes will depend on the thickness and type of wall being treated, as well as the severity of the rising damp. Typically, the holes are drilled in a horizontal line, with a spacing of 100-120mm between each hole.

Insert the applicator: Once the holes have been drilled, the applicator is inserted into each hole. The applicator is a simple tool that enables the cream to be injected into the wall. (Included Nozzle)

Inject the cream: The cream is then injected into each hole using the nozzle. The cream is injected under pressure, forcing it to spread evenly throughout the wall. The cream diffuses into the surrounding masonry, forming a water-repellent barrier that prevents moisture from rising up through the wall.

Replace the mortar: Once the cream has been injected into the wall, the holes are filled with a suitable mortar to match the existing wall finish or terracotta DPC plugs.

Why choose Damp Proofing Cream

Proven excellence

One of the main advantages of damp proofing cream is its fast and effective action. Unlike older pressure injection techniques, damp proofing cream requires no curing time, meaning that it can be installed and painted over in the same day. It also provides an effective barrier against rising damp, preventing moisture from entering the wall and causing further damage.

Installing damp proofing cream is a relatively simple process that involves drilling holes into the wall and injecting the cream into them. This can be carried out quickly and easily by a professional, meaning that disruption to the building occupants is minimised.

Damp-Proofing Cream is low hazard, the active ingredient, silane, is a well-established water repellent used in many building applications. This means that it is safe to use in both residential and commercial buildings.

Damp proofing cream provides a long-lasting solution to rising damp. Once installed, the cream forms a water-repellent barrier within the wall that can last for up to 25 years. This means that it is a cost-effective solution that can save building owners money in the long term.

Highly Effective
Superior Product
Rising Damp Protection
Ground Water Protection


Amazing product for damp proofing, will use again.



Used on a stone building and it has been very effective. Highly recommend



Masonry protection cream and dpc cream worked perfect on a chimney for penetrating damp